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Cultural China: Traditional ethos of harmony still relevant in modern society******

JINAN, Oct. 27 (Xinhua) -- For thousands of years, the proverb "harmony is the most precious" has been rooted in the minds of Chinese people and continued to have a profound influence on their attitude towards life.

As recorded in The Analects of Confucius, "Youzi said, 'Make harmony a top priority in the application of rites. That is a key feature that characterizes governance by sovereign rulers in ancient past. Always act upon the rule of harmony, no matter whether the issue at hand is minor or major.'"

Youzi (518-around 5th century BC), however, also pointed out that it is unrealistic to blindly pursue harmony. "Sometimes, this rule may fail to work. If a person insists on pursuing harmony just for the sake of harmony instead of qualifying it with rites, then there would be no hope to succeed," he added.

The phrase has evolved from an important moral concept of the Confucian school in managing interpersonal relations to a reference to harmonious and peaceful relationships among people, groups, and states.

The thought is well illustrated in a household story in China. During the Warring States Period (475-221 BC), the emperor of the Zhao state appointed a new grand councilor named Lin Xiangru. But Lian Po, the general of Zhao, was not satisfied with this decision and created lots of trouble for Lin.

As a newcomer, Lin, bearing in mind that harmony is the most precious, showed the greatest tolerance in dealing with Lian. In Lin's opinion, tolerance does not mean fear, but self-control, which is for the collective good. He believed that conflicts would not bring any benefits to either party, but damage the interests of the country.

When Lian heard of this, he was embarrassed and immediately rectified his approach. From then on, Lian and Lin buried the hatchet and joined hands to assist the emperor in politics and governance, which made Zhao a powerful and prosperous state in that period.

This traditional thought has laid the foundation for the establishment of a harmonious society in modern China, where the idea of harmony and peace is integrated into the social governance and even the process of policymaking.

In Qufu, a small city in east China's Shandong Province known for being the hometown of Confucius, the local government carried on the legacy of the sage, setting up more than 400 mediation rooms and appointing over 2,000 mediators for solving disputes among residents.

"As long as we are fair and persuade both parties with traditional morality, there is always a solution," said Wu Bo, Party chief of Wujia Village in Qufu, who is also a mediator.

The concept of maintaining peace and harmony is also reflected in China's diplomacy. Chinese people are peace-loving people and know well the value of peace and stability, and the country develops friendship and cooperation with other countries on the basis of the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence. Enditem

Beijing poised for challenges in new WCBA season******

BEIJING, Oct. 29 (Xinhua) -- After injecting some new blood into the team, Beijing is ready to take on challenges in the upcoming 2021-22 Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) season.

"We have undergone some big changes this season, and challenges will be big too," admitted Beijing's head coach Zhang Yunsong after the team's practice session here on Friday.

Beijing, which finished seventh among 17 outfits last season, will depart for Chengdu, southwest China's Sichuan Province on Saturday for its final-phase preparation for the new WCBA season.

The team has witnessed several changes to its squad during the offseason, with veteran guard Yang Banban calling time on her career and former Bayi sharpshooter Jin Jiabao joining in.

"Jin is a quality and experienced player, no doubt about it. She has also proven herself in this league," commented Zhang, while adding that Jin needs time to recover from injury and better fit into the team.

"I'm thrilled to be back," said Jin, who had not been in league action for one and a half years.

"I hope to show my ability in this new family. I have to prepare well and keep a good mindset so as to play at my best level," she added.

Beijing also brought up some players through their youth ranks and recruited college players to enrich their roster.

For Zhang, the team is comprised of veterans and young guns, and everyone tries her best to maintain a favorable shape.

Looking toward the new season, Zhang said his biggest anticipation is that the team can fight for a win in every game.

"As for this season, the league has changed a lot, with newcomers joining in and other sides making adjustments to their rosters. It is the same for us. Everything is unknown so far, and probably we can get the feel of the league after we kick off our new season's campaign there," he noted.

Beyond the victory, Zhang expects that more young players can stand out from his side, which benefits the team's long-term development.

"We need to display our mentality while playing against those strong sides, and improve ourselves technically and tactically through every match," he said. Enditem

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HUAWEI Inside 的赛力斯

4 月 20 日,在前一天宣布赛力斯华为智选 SF5 上线华为官网后,时任华为常务董事、消费者业务 CEO 余承东宣布,这款车也进入了华为的线下销售渠道。


赛力斯(SERES)是重庆小康股份旗下的新能源汽车品牌,2016 年,小康股份布局新能源汽车,在硅谷成立 SF MOTORS,试图寻找新的业绩增长点。

但 SF MOTORS 不论在美国,还是进入中国之后,发展都不太顺利。根据小康股份的财报显示,自 2018 年开始,企业净利润逐年下滑,2020 年净利润为-17.28 亿元,其中智能电动汽车业务净利润为-12 亿元,是亏损的主力。

赛力斯华为智选 SF5 是一辆增程式新能源汽车 | 华为

在销量上也能看出,赛力斯并未在市场上激发出水花。据了解,小康股份 2020 年的新能源汽车销量为 20275 辆,其中赛力斯 SF5 在 2020 整年的销量为 732 辆。

而就在华为宣布赛力斯 SF5 进入其销售渠道后,两日订单就突破 3000 辆,一周订单超过 6000 辆,是 2020 全年销量的 8 倍还要多。


现在看来,华为对于赛力斯是个「救星」式的人物,但双方的合作可以追溯到 2019 年,当时对外宣布的消息是,华为与小康股份在工业互联网、ICT 基础设施、新能源汽车智能化、网联化等领域开展全面合作。从行业来看,当时的华为汽车业务并不像今天一样声势浩大,也不完全被行业认可,所以赛力斯很可能是华为在当时为数不多的深度合作的客户。

赛力斯华为智选 SF5 内部搭载了华为的电驱动系统 | 华为

从双方合作的首款车型来看,赛力斯华为智选 SF5 上搭载了华为的 HUAWEI DriveONE 电驱动系统、HUAWEI HiCar 智慧互联系统,以及音响系统 HUAWEI Sound,其中 HiCar 功能将通过后续 OTA 更新进入车内。



金地中心的华为授权体验店是北京第一批即将入驻赛力斯华为智选 SF5 展车的门店。尽管展车还没到位,但门店已经可以预约试驾,「基本上就等车来了。」

华为也在赛力斯华为智选 SF5 当中加入了音响系统 HUAWEI Sound | 华为



华为的线下门店,大部分门店都没有为销售汽车做出准备 | 视觉中国


有华为的销售人员表示,在卖车之前经过了 10 天左右的培训,「电动汽车比手机更加复杂。」

根据腾讯《深网》,在销售分成方面,华为与车企的分成为销售额的 10% 左右,经销商能拿到的分成为 7%-8%,以售价 24.68 万的四驱版 SF5 为例,经销商每销售一台,能分到 1.9 万元。华为的销售人员没有确认这一点,他提到,当前最重要的目标仍然是速度,需要与车企加紧配合,尽快完善华为的销售体系。


余承东在宣布赛力斯 SF5 进入华为线下销售渠道时曾提到:「被美国方面多次制裁后,华为手机业务受到影响,思来想去,华为决定卖车,可以弥补手机业务销量受到影响造成利润上的下滑问题。」这的确是华为卖车的原因之一——为了弥补手机业务停摆造成的利润下降。

余承东同时表示,「(华为卖车)同时开创了消费电子行业和汽车行业的先河。未来,华为不仅可以提供领先的 ICT 智能汽车解决方案,帮助车企造好车,还可以通过在消费电子行业积累的高端品牌运作、营销经验及销售网络,帮助车企卖好车。」


「汽车行业此前一直是 4S 店为主导的销售体系,等到特斯拉、蔚来等造车新势力起来的时候,直营店变成了他们主要销售渠道。华为在自己的门店里销售汽车,和造车新势力没什么关系,无非是多了一条传统销售的渠道。」一位汽车行业的研究人员这样说到。



2019 年,华为成立智能汽车解决方案 BU,在公司内部属于一级部门。一位对华为有深入研究的人士分析,智能汽车解决方案 BU 是华为的创新业务单元,在下图中的其他部门都承担着各自的职责。「运营商 BG、企业 BG 和消费者 BG 三块业务都是赚钱的,网络产品与解决方案主要强化的是连接力,Cloud&AI BG 强化计算力,分工明确。」

2019 年华为组织架构图 | 华为

需要注意的是,2019 年华为已经被美国进行制裁,但手机业务还能够正常开展,与赛力斯的深度合作也是在当时开启。


2020 年至今华为组织架构图 | 华为


如果拿一项业务来弥补手机业务的损失,汽车可能是最合适不过的:汽车市场体量大,智能化还处于非常迅速的增长阶段。「其他市场华为也不是没有考虑,比如教育、家电等等,但是华为之前没有什么基础,汽车是华为在市场上相对占比最高的。」一位熟悉华为的人士告诉极客公园,从目前的业务上看,智能汽车和全屋智能是华为最近力推的两项业务,后者是此前华为推出的「1+8+N」战略中的 N,泛 IOT 设备的演进。

所以,智能汽车解决方案 BU 从面向 B 端的「聚焦 ICT」转变为面向 C 端的消费者业务,或许并不是为了业务创新,而是逼不得已。


「5000 多家门店,5 万多华为终端的员工,全都没东西可以做了,他们的主要精力就放在了智能汽车上。」对华为有深入研究的人士提到,不管是员工还是门店,都需要尽快在智能汽车业务上复用,冲击销售业绩。

华为在上海的旗舰店,门店复用对于华为来说是一大挑战 | 视觉中国

5 月 18 日,华为内部发文进行多项人事调整,余承东不再担任华为云 CEO 职位,仍为消费者 BG CEO 以及智能汽车解决方案 BU CEO。而距离任命余承东为华为云 CEO 的职位调整,时间间隔不超过两个月。

有分析称,这是余承东主力提振包括智能汽车业务在内的消费者业务的具体表现。根据媒体报道,余承东已经在华为内部定下明年销售 30 万辆汽车的目标。





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华为卖车赛力斯华为智选 SF5

Russian forces capture Chernobyl nuclear plant******


A file picture taken on April 13, 2021, shows the giant protective dome built over the sarcophagus covering the destroyed fourth reactor of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

Adviser to head of the President's Office of Ukraine Mykhailo Podoliak said Russian forces seized Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Interfax-Ukraine news agency reported.

"After a fierce battle, our control over the Chernobyl site has been lost," Podoliak said.

The condition of the facilities of the former Chernobyl nuclear power plant, confinement and storage of nuclear waste is unknown, he added.

"This is one of the most serious threats to Europe today," Podoliak emphasized.

The Chernobyl nuclear plant, some 110 km north of Kiev, witnessed one of the worst nuclear accidents in human history on April 26, 1986.



2.湖南13岁女学生产下女婴 嫌犯被抓

3.蕾哈娜男友A$AP Rocky被起诉 或面临最高9年监禁


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