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Game over: Russia now the pariah of global sports******

Russia's attack on Ukraine has sparked anger in the sports world, with the country booted out of this year's World Cup and the IOC calling for a global ban.


Russia has been expelled from the 2022 World Cup after being suspended from all international competitions, FIFA and UEFA announced in a joint statement. The decision also affects Russian clubs in European tournaments.

Saint Petersburg was stripped as host of UEFA's Champions League final set for May 28. The game has been switched to France.


The International Olympic Committee has urged sports federations and organizers to exclude Russian and Belarusian athletes and officials. A ban would see Russia join the Yugoslavia of Slobodan Milosevic and South Africa under apartheid as a sporting pariah.


Ukraine's Elina Svitolina has, the world's No. 3, become the first player to refuse to play a Russian. She was due to face Russian Anastasia Potapova in Monterrey on Tuesday. Svitolina, born in the Ukrainian Black Sea resort town of Odessa, has pledged to donate her prize money from forthcoming tournaments to her country's military and aid groups.


The Russian Grand Prix, scheduled for September 25, was canceled, a day after defending world champion Max Verstappen and four-time champion Sebastian Vettel publicly declared their refusal to compete.


The International Ice Hockey Federation has suspended all Russian and Belarusian national teams and clubs. It has also stripped Russia of the hosting rights for the 2023 junior world championships.


Boxing's four major bodies – the International Boxing federation, World Boxing Council, World Boxing Association and World Boxing Organization – said in a joint statement they will not sanction bouts in Russia. "Just as the world claims for ceasefire, our organizations have decided to not sanction any boxing championships in Russia," they said.


Russian President Vladimir Putin was suspended as honorary president of the International Judo Federation. Putin, an accomplished judoka who was awarded an eighth dan in 2014, one of the highest levels in the sport, had been honorary president since 2008.


Rugby's world governing body banned Russia and Belarus from all international rugby. Russia's membership of World Rugby was also suspended indefinitely, meaning the country's slim hopes of qualifying for next year's World Cup in France are over.


The Badminton World Federation strengthened within a matter of hours its measures against Russia and Belarus having originally canceled all tournaments in Russia and Belarus. It announced a ban on athletes and officials representing the two countries.


World Taekwondo on Tuesday stripped Putin of an honorary black belt, as Russia's attack on Ukraine goes against the sport's motto: "Peace is more precious than triumph." The body also said no Russian or Belarusian national flags or anthems will be allowed at events, nor will any future events be organized in the two countries.


Russian and Belarus ice skaters have been barred from all competitions by the International Skating Union. Russia is a powerhouse in ice skating, most recently winning six medals – two of them gold at the Beijing Winter Olympics. The blanket ban on athletes competing also includes short track and speed skating.


Russia has been stripped by the International Volleyball Federation of hosting the men's Volleyball World Championships in August and September.

Shenyang Palace Museum celebrates 95th anniversary******

SHENYANG, Nov. 16 (Xinhua) -- The Shenyang Palace Museum in northeast China's Liaoning Province celebrated the 95th anniversary of its founding on Tuesday.。

The museum, one of the two well-preserved ancient palace complexes in China, currently has over 50 exhibition halls open to the public, said Li Shengneng, person-in-charge of the museum.。

Shenyang Palace Museum, where the former imperial complex of three emperors of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) was located, was set up in 1926 and opened to the public in 1929. In 2004, it was added to the World Cultural Heritage List.。

The museum has witnessed a thriving cultural and creative industry. It is estimated that the total revenue of cultural and creative products sold in the museum surpassed 1.25 million yuan (about 195,750 U.S. dollars) during the Labor Day holiday in May this year alone. Enditem。

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Economic Watch: G20 approves int'l corporate taxation, raising concerns of developing countries******

ROME, Nov. 1 (Xinhua) -- Finance ministers from the Group of 20 (G20) major economies endorsed on Sunday an agreement to revamp international corporate taxation, raising concerns of developing countries.。

The approval by G20 world leaders came after the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) announced ealier in October that a major reform of the international tax system had been agreed on by 136 countries and jurisdictions, representing more than 90 percent of global gross domestic product (GDP).。

The agreement to impose a minimum corporate tax rate will subject multinational companies to a minimum 15-percent tax rate from 2023. The revamped tax rules will apply to multinational companies with revenue above 750 million euros (about 866.73 million U.S. dollars).。

Under the agreement, countries where multinational companies are headquartered will be able to collect the tax deficit if the companies pay a tax rate lower than 15 percent in its overseas market.。

The global corporate minimum tax rate will benefit developed countries, where most of the largest multinational companies are headquartered, more than developing countries, according to a report by the EU Tax Observatory, an independent research laboratory hosted at the Paris School of Economics.。

Under the new tax scheme, the EU will increase its corporate income tax revenue by more than 80 billion euros (92. 45 billion dollars) a year, while the United States will gain 57 billion euros (about 65.87 billion dollars) a year, said the report released in October.。

With the bulk of the benefits going to developed countries, some developing countries that are relatively more dependent on corporate taxes have voiced their concern that the new minimum tax rate might stifle investments in their countries.。

In addition, technical specifics such as implementation and dispute resolution will also need to be sorted out.。

According to Antonio Tricarico, a programs manager with Re:Common, a think tank, said that "the main purpose of the G20 when it was created was to focus on economic and finance issues," adding that "these issues even more than health or political issues that are addressed are at the heart of the G20 mandate."

In remarks at the opening of the G20 summit on Saturday, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, a former governor of the European Central Bank, said that it is "a historic agreement for a fairer and more effective international tax system."

According to investment bank Hildebrandt and Ferrar economist, Javier Noriega, the plan is important because it will help level the playing field between countries in terms of tax revenue from multinationals. Enditem。

Keep 智能动感单车 C1 Pro 体验:可能是最合适「一人居」的运动器材******引言。相信自己,这款单车不容易像家用跑步机一样吃灰。






极克之选此次体验的是来源于 Keep 的智能化动感单车 C1 Pro,近段时间,Keep 发布了许多运动硬件配置,并且集团旗下的运动健身資源和网上课程应当也是我国最丰富多彩的,假如把丰富多彩的自然资源和运动硬件配置开展融合,能提供怎样的体验呢?


从外表看来,Keep C1 Pro 的造型设计较为简洁,行为主体选用了灰黑色颜色,和健身会所的器械十分类似,此外它也保证了乳白色版本号,我本人感觉乳白色更合适融进家庭环境里。充分考虑在家里操作的要求,Keep C1 Pro 的占地总面积并不算太大,官方数据表明仅 0.65 平方米,不上二块地砖就可以摆得下。

动感单车的安装使用全过程非常简单,整个机械净重有 53kg,开箱后用附加的工具箱固定不动好手把和显示屏就可以。在底端支撑点层面,Keep C1 Pro 选用了对称式三角架设计方案,总体产生了牢固的三角构造,防止了骑车时摇晃的状况。除此之外,三角架底端配有地面防滑固定不动的缓存橡胶板,外侧也有2个滚轮可用以挪动部位。


初次启动应用时,Keep C1 Pro 会根据显示屏播放视频新手入门手册,以后会具体指导客户调整并固定不动座骑和手把相对高度,具体检测出来,Keep C1 Pro 尽管长得精巧,但可以满足各种各样个子的朋友骑车,就算是 180 的大块头也不会有很多难题,适用范围或是能够安心的。

手把一部分,Keep C1 Pro 总体为弧形设计方案,表层选用了金属材料热浸锌加工工艺,在给予非常好触感的与此同时,也有着较强的地面防滑性。此外,手把正中间也有一块环形显示器,可以表明之前的机器设备数据和运动情况等,与此同时,显示屏侧边也有环状滚轮,能够迅速调整骑车阻力。除此之外,为了更好地达到运动与此同时补水保湿的要求,Keep C1 Pro 在手把下边添加了储物架,运动时放入2个杯子都没有一切难题。

在骑车层面,阻力调整是最经常应用的作用,Keep C1 Pro 也对于此事干了独特提升。它选用了电磁感应控阻轮,有着高达 36 段阻力以供调整,并且最核心的取决于单车的阻力回应极其快速,从零阻力到较大阻力不上 1 秒左右就可以快速转换,对比于传统式的调阻方法,Keep C1 Pro 基本上等同于零延迟时间,骑车体验和安全系数也高些一些。


做为一款智能化动感单车,Keep C1 Pro 在智能化体验和运动資源上的主要表现是你们更在意的。

你能发觉,它与传统式单车较大的不一样便是多了一块超大型的显示屏,这也是 Keep 丰富多彩运动資源的一块媒介,它的规格为 21.5 英尺,和大家日常办公室应用的显示屏非常,并且还适用旋转触摸。除此之外,显示屏上还选用了环绕声音箱,可以带来很好的影音视频体验。

在內容层面,Keep C1 Pro 内嵌了致力于运动情景开发设计的 kitOS 大屏幕电脑操作系统,它根据 Android 系统软件深层订制,作用较为全方位,并且 UI 统统开展了全屏兼容,应用体验也很优异。除此之外,系统软件内还给予了投屏功能,可以达到你一直在运动与此同时刷剧的要求。

在系统软件中,登陆 Keep 账户就可以完成跨平台运动数据信息的相通和共享资源,此外,对于动感单车的运动情景,系统软件中也带来了一系列课程内容以供训练,并且好多课程内容与单车硬件配置开展了深层融合,例如它会按照不一样姿势的编辑自动调节单车骑车阻力。此外,运动时还能够与 Keep 智能手环联接查询时实心跳,也更便捷全方位的纪录和剖析运动数据信息。

前边大家说过,Keep C1 Pro 的显示屏适用旋转,但你就不必觉得它只有调视角,事实上这方面显示屏还安装了更多用途,如果你将它彻底旋转后,显示屏上便会开启大量运动內容,这时彻底能够把这方面显示屏当做虚似教练员,你只需正对单车挑选相对应的课程内容就可以练习,就算沒有器材也是有许多徒手训练课程内容以供训练。整体看来,Keep C1 Pro 的这方面大屏幕并不只是一个摆放,不论是从体验上或是內容上面做的较为全方位,还可以看得出 Keep 的确花了许多想法,自然大家也想以后能不断维护保养下来。

伴随着全民健康观念的兴起,运动硬件配置逐渐进入了日常生活中,它大幅度降低了“运动”这件事情的成本费,为大家节约出了许多時间,坚信在未来,在家健身一定会变成一种时尚潮流的生活习惯。假如你都还没体验过或是要想试着那样的日常生活,那挑选在家里骑动感单车,选购 Keep C1 Pro 无外乎一个好挑选。但是在市场价层面,它的标价为 4799 元,尽管说相对性较为贵,但相比在健身会所办了卡却没去,与此同时还需要担负老板跑路的风险性,那 Keep C1 Pro 或是很非常值得考量的。

文中由极客公园 GeekPark 原創公布,转截请加上极克君(ID:geekparker)。

KeepKeep 智能化动感单车Keep C1 Pro。




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